Karda Promotion

Turkey’s ice cream industry 1990 ‘s since the year has entered a rapid growth period. Investments in this sector, where many small producers are located, are beginning to increase. Companies that invest in modern and advanced technology have accelerated the development process. Within this development process, in 2005, Tic. Ltd. Sti. Karda ice cream started to work under the brand name.

It was established in Malatya with a closed area of ​​750 m² on 14.250 m² land in the 2nd Organized Industrial Zone. Today it has become a facility with a closed area of ​​10.000 m². When it was first established, the factory started to produce 1 to 2 tons of ice cream per day and it has got the production capacity of 40 tonnes per day with 6 machines. 20 kinds of products are produced in business and 44 different types are produced when different kinds of products are produced. At the same time, it has ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 22000, BRC, Halal Food Certificate and 14000 Environmental Management Systems certificates required for food safety.

It is one of the three major foundations in the ice cream sector in the Eastern Anatolia Region. It is established with local references. In addition to being one of the most modern ice cream facilities, it also has the possibility of storing 680 tons of ice cream in cold storage. It is producing 6 months of the year. In the remaining process, the maintenance and arrangement works of the factory are carried out. Apart from Malatya, there are dealerships in big cities such as Şanlıurfa, Adana, Samsun, İzmir, Ankara, Istanbul and Mersin, while exporting to Iraq abroad. In addition, export negotiations have started with Georgia, Arabia and Bosnia Herzegovina.

Karda Ice Creams, which expand the product range within the scope of investment plans, continue uninterruptedly. In this sense, we have presented and supported two projects on the sale, marketing and marketing of Milk and Dairy Products to the Euphrates Development Agency, the Project for Increasing Sales, Profit, Quality, Agriculture and Rural Development Support Agency.

Karda ice creams that grow every year provide a lot of contribution to the region as well. The most important of these contributions is the fact that the plant started to produce with 8-10 people in 2005 and after 12 years it now employs at least 100 people. In addition, the milk in the region uses the milk of the producers to support them.

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